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Element 1: Bismuth
Structure: Films
Origin: Chemical Synthesis
PPMD: 2  nm
Added to NIL: 7/20/2005 6:24:00 AM
Contributor: Jian   Luo  ,   Clemson University 

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Research Abstract:
For decades, it was widely accepted that nanoscale equilibrium-thickness amorphous films could exist only at grain boundaries or hetero-phase interfaces between two crystalline grains (known as intergranular glassy films or IGFs). The theory was recently challenged: stable surficial amorphous films more info

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Related Publications:
J. Luo, Y. -M, Chiang, and R. M. Cannon, "Inorganic Nanoscale Surficial Films of Self-Selecting Thickness," a review chapter in Bottom-Up Nanofabrication: Supramolecules, Self-Assemblies, and Organized Films, edited by H. S. Nalwa and K. Ariga, American Scientific Publishers, in press (2006). J. Luo, M. Tang, R. M. Cannon, W. C. Carter, and Y. -M, Chiang, "Pressure-Balance and Diffuse-Interface Models for Surficial Amorphous Films," accepted for publication in the special issue of Materials Science and Engineering A for research from the NANOAM collaboration, in press (2006). J. Luo, Y. -M, Chiang, and R. M. Cannon, "Nanometer-Thick Surficial Films in Oxide Ceramics as A Case of Prewetting," Langmuir, 21 [16], 7358-7365 (2005) J. Luo, and Y. -M, Chiang, “Existence and Stability of Nanometer-Thick Amorphous Films on Oxide Surfaces,” Acta Materialia, 48, 4501-4515 (2000). J. Luo, and Y. -M. Chiang, “Equilibrium-thickness Amorphous Films on {1 1 –2 0} Surfaces of Bi2O3-Doped ZnO,” Journal of European Ceramic Society, 19, 697-701 (1999).   less info
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